Super easy to use!

JW Ministry will help you configure your goals and manage your field ministry reports, notes, literature, videos, Bible studies, revisits, etc. through a simple and easy to use interface. Reports can be grouped by month and year in detail and you can send it to your email account.

Revisits in one place

Forgot details related to a revisit? JW Ministry will help you remember location information on maps and details that will help you bring the Kingdom message more easily, such as notes, gender, date and time, phone, address, etc.

Available in 12+ languages

Thanks to the collaboration of brothers and sisters from around the world, JW Ministry is available in 12 languages! If you want to use the App in some other language not included in the App, send us an email and we will send the template needed for the translation :)

Join the newsletter JW Ministry

If you want to receive details of updates, uplifting messages and alerts on Android and iOS version, please send your email to include you in the list of our friends. Thank you to all brothers and sisters for their suggestions and comments!